Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Build a Raised Garden



The perfect raised bed


A nice, big planting box is just the thing for summer veggies, herbs, and flowers. See how to make it in five simple steps|Jim McCausland

A raised bed makes gardening easy. Filled with soil mix, they provide the excellent drainage needed to grow picture-perfect vegetables and flowers.

You can build the basic raised bed pictured here in a few hours, then add versatility by mounting PVC pipes inside to hold hoops that elevate bird netting or row covers over your crops. Orient your bed north-south for maximum sun exposure.

Use redwood or cedar ― both are beautiful and rot-resistant. You’ll need a table or power saw to cut the wood.

An electric drill is helpful, though not required.

Our total cost: $172.

DESIGN by David C. Becker

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